Crowdin Mustamäe tee 44, Kristiine linnaosa Таллінн, Гар'юмаа Республіка Естонія 10621

Рішення для гнучкої локалізації для технологічних компаній

Crowdin - це хмарне рішення, яке спрощує керування локалізацією для вашої команди. Точно правильне місце для успішного догляду за всіма вашими багатомовними матеріалами.

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Your multilingual content in one place

Crowdin brings people, content, and technologies together. Streamline localization and power your agile workflows.

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  • Автоматизація

    Make your product multilingual. The latest content available for translators. Ready translations to deployment, automated.

  • Cooperation

    Invite your teammates and translators to cooperate. Create tasks and generate reports to watch your work moving forward.

  • Якість

    Discuss and make translations online. Provide extra context, maintain your brand voice, leverage the latest technologies.

Як це працює

Localization that runs in parallel with your team's work

Integrate content Deliver translations Translate fast Manage & control work
Integrate content Manage & control work

One company-wide solution to power your localization with flexibility, speed, and reliability.

Automation for content updates and other routine tasks, streamlined workflows, productivity, and cooperation tools. No delays in moving your work forward due to translations.

Translate fast Deliver translations

What customers say about Crowdin?

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"Crowdin help both Bonitasoft employees and community translators to collaborate in order to easily translate our application development solution. Every time I reach out to Crowdin support they were really helpful: provide several options and recommendations to solve issues, reach out to Crowdin development team if needed and always in a very timely manner!"

Antoine Mottier,
Technical Evangelist, Bonitasoft
  • For Engineering Teams

    No deployment delays due to translations. Speed up the development with automated content synchronization.

  • For Marketing Teams

    Speaking the language of your customers and keep creating content like there's only one language at the same time, easily.

  • For Customer Success Teams

    Be just the help your customers need. Easily create a multilingual knowledge base. Work like your translation team is just next door.

Connect to the tools you already use

Bring all your people and content together in Crowdin. Work efficiently with your current choices or extend your workflow with new automations.

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