Останні релізи

June, 26

New New app: MT Engines Evaluation. The app evaluates MT engines by analyzing translations made by different MT engines’ and a human. With the help of the app, you can identify an engine closest to human translation.

New Exclude labels: Advanced filter option to show strings that don't contain any labels.

New You can now upload alternate XLIFF files (mqxliff, mxliff, sdlxliff)

New New app: Magento. With this app, you can translate Magento product descriptions, category properties, attributes, email templates, pages, and more.

June, 23

New React Intl: new natively supported file format.

New Hubspot app update: now you have the ability to configure campaign id in HubSpot integration (to output files only for this campaign).

June, 22

New Figma Plugin version 38

June, 20

New Slack for Managers app update: The app now supports more webhooks.

New Amazon S3 app update: Now you can select the bucket to sync.

June, 17

New JS API Client 1.18.2

June, 16

New We’ve added a new resource – Developer Portal. Here you can find information about CLI, API, dev tools, and most importantly – how you can develop and publish apps for Crowdin.

New New app: JSON with context. This app allows you to see the context for JSON file strings if you added the "crowdinContext" under the related string in the file.

June, 15

Crowdin Enterprise Managers can receive notifications when vendors create an issue in the editor.

New Zendesk Guide app update: The app will import the Zendesk content based on the source language of the Crowdin project.

New New app: Directus Translation Strings.The app allows you to sync and translate Directus translation strings in Crowdin, as well as sync them back to Directus.

June, 14

New Crowdin Translation Companion: Plugin for multilingual support. Available in Chrome and Fireworks. Translate chats and tickets from Intercom, Zendesk, Zoho, and Kustomer.

June, 10

New iOS SDK 1.4.2

New Zapier integration is open-source now.

June, 07

New Android Studio plugin 1.5.1

New Android SDK 1.5.2

June, 02

Crowdin Enterprise New apps: Django Syntax, doT.js Syntax, Dust.js Syntax, EJS Syntax, Ember.js Syntax, Handlebars Syntax, Liquid Syntax, Mustache Syntax, Nunjucks Syntax, SquirrellyJS Syntax, Twig Syntax. Install one of the add-ons to enable syntax highlighting and placeholders validation and prevent the translators from working with untranslatable code parts.

June, 01

New New app: HubSpot CMS Connector. With the new app, you can localize your HubSpot websites and landing pages.

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