Примітки до релізу

February, 24

New Integration with Azure Git Repos. One more VCS integration to our list, that synchronizes source and translated content between your repository (in this case it's Azure Repos repository) and your Crowdin project. To learn more, read our article Azure Repos Integration.

February, 21

Improved New Crowdin Strings mode in Figma plugin. Import source texts from your Crowdin project into Figma to use them on your designs.

February, 06

New Preview the source file you're translating and the translated version of it right in the Editor – available for most of the supported file formats.

February, 05

New Localize your .pdf files as text, not images. We can now automatically convert your .pdf files into .html files. If you're uploading a scanned document, a photo of a document, or a .pdf alike we can convert it into a .docx file.

February, 03

New Today we’re releasing our new Crowdin for Figma plugin so you can translate your designs and preview content in different languages with no programming needed. Spend more time designing and less time sending files back and forth.

New Added support for localization of .js files.

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